Pre-written adventure modules have been an element of Dungeons and Dragons for most of its existence, and 5th edition is no exception. Beloved, classic campaigns like Curse of Strahd and Tomb of Annihilation measure up to new entrants as Wild beyond the witch’s light and Strixhaven: A Program of Chaos.

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Despite the variety available, some J&D players are looking at available official mods from Wizards of the Coast and wanting more. This is where third-party content comes in. Many fans and editors have released their own pre-made adventures for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Editionwith all the content needed to support a full campaign.

ten Brass City is tried and true

Set in a rich desert landscape of colorful cities and powerful genies, Ja city of brass from Frog God Games is well known and loved among J&D community. Many players have played it and others have heard rumors about its adventures.

The city of brass The vast empire of secrecy and magic comes complete with storylines, maps, fully fleshed out dungeons, and its own unique monsters and spells. J&D players can uncover secret societies and cults working in the city, undertake excursions in other planes, and prevent the Sultan from completely taking over the region.

9 Where The Machines Wait combines sci-fi and fantasy

Monte Cook Games’ where the machines wait is a stunning integration of sci-fi and fantasy tropes into the world of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. An underground ruin known as the Tomb of the Machines is said to be teeming with ancient artifacts and devices, as well as equally astonishing and unknowable riches.

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where the machines wait is an adventure that can easily be integrated into existing campaigns through trips to the Tomb of the Machines. It can also work as a full-fledged campaign as J&D players explore and unravel the deeply woven lore surrounding the historic underground site.

8 Lore Of Aetherra: The Lost Druid Seeks To Return A City To Glory

The town of Fano is no longer what it used to be, its main innovators and inventors having passed away generations ago. However, adventurers are searching for rumors of a lost druid who could connect with the ether’s lifeblood and restore Fano to his former glory.

In addition to the predefined characters, encounters and plot, Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid also comes with over two hours of themed audio, seven tavern mini-games, and more. Whether J&D players appreciate The Lost Druidthey’ll want to keep an eye on the chase Knowledge of Aetherra Hit Point Press series.

seven Odyssey Of The Dragonlords Evokes Ancient Greek Mythology

Arcane Worlds’ Odyssey of the Dragon Lords combines the world of Dungeons and Dragons with that of ancient Greek mythology in the world of Thylea. After an ancient war, the Dragonlords overthrew the Titans and established the Oath of Peace to protect the mortals of Thylea.

However, the oath no longer carries the same weight as before, and now the heroes foretold by the prophecy must rise to defeat the Titans once more. Odyssey of the Dragon Lords features the full campaign guide, player guide, custom character sheets, and full color maps for game tables.

6 Fables provides consistent access to new content

Fables is a campaign mod subscription service from Ghostfire Gaming that sends subscribers’ episodic adventures and all required digital assets monthly. Ongoing campaigns in the Fables the series are Citadel of the Invisible Sun and Pirates of the Ethereal Expansewith the start of a new Fable promised every six months.

Each episode is made up of four chapters to feed tables with weekly sessions. Whether J&D players wish to test themselves against a world of darkness in Citadel of the Invisible Sun or sail the celestial seas of Pirates of the Ethereal Expanse, Fables covers all preparatory needs.

5 The Arcane Library is a treasure trove of campaign materials

The Arcane Library is best recommended as a whole, although it is a collection of modules rather than a single title. Each campaign is available individually, but they can also be combined into small bundles or a full collection.

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With impressive titles like Golden Tower Valley, Watchers in the darkand Under the black rose, The Arcane Library has something for almost everyone J&D game table to love. They even offer a free first-level adventure module for subscribing to their newsletter.

4 Courts Of The Shadow Fey Focuses On Social Strategy

However Dungeons and Dragons focuses specifically on combat, social encounters can be among the most interesting elements of tabletop role-playing games. Press Kobold’ Shadow Fairy Course module balances daring battles with delicate social negotiations as the party strives to win an audience with the queen of the court.

The heroes work on behalf of the city of Zobeck, which had broken free from tyranny in the past, but was later overtaken by the Queen of Night and Magic. Shadow Fairy Course includes a full map, dozens of crafted encounters, hundreds of pre-made NPCs, and more.

Of the many adventure modules available through the Dungeons Masters Guild, call from the deep by JVC Parry receives high praise from those who have raced and played it. J&D fans highly praise its structure and deep commitment to the details of its storytelling.

call from the deep combination of classic Dungeons and Dragons lore elements with unique storylines and deep-sea expeditions invite players to expand the horizons of their game world. ‘followed.

2 Cageless Challenges Typical Perceptions of Classic Legends

Another Dungeon Masters Guild staple, the Without cage The series takes long-standing tropes surrounding female myths and monsters and turns them on its head. Each adventure takes on a different set of stories and creatures from legend, both in the Dungeons and Dragons world and beyond.

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Their most recent entry, Uncaged: Goddesses, won two 2022 Ennie Awards: Best Adventure Gold Award and Best Coverage Silver Award. All five entries in the series are available through the Dungeon Masters Guild as digital and print editions.

1 The islands of Sina Una embed a cultural myth

The islands of Sina Una from Hit Point Press draws its inspiration from the culture and myths of the pre-colonial Philippines. The islands themselves have a long history surrounding their presence in a conflict between monstrous celestial eaters and Mayari, the moon.

The islands of Sina Una not only includes the pre-written adventures set in its beautiful land, but also all-new base classes, subclasses, and other character customizations. It also provides information about new monsters and revamps the J&D boat travel rules tailored to the island setting.

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