Redwood City, California, January 6, 2022 – Alcatraz AI, a leader in physical security technologies, today announced the release of its updated platform technology, Alcatraz Platform V2. The new update includes enabling integration of third-party access control system software, reducing minimum system requirements, and improving troubleshooting tools, which will bring a simplified and advanced experience to users. Alcatraz AI customers. New seamless additions to the Alcatraz AI platform will allow Alcatraz AI to continue its mission of bringing AI technology to every door for accurate identity verification and bringing customers to the next level of security .

“Driven by customer insight, the latest major release of our platform includes an evolution of our backend software,” said Blaine Frederick, vice president of products for Alcatraz AI. He continued, “This will give integrators more flexibility when deciding how to deploy the solution on Windows or Linux operating systems. Additionally, the new platform enables the Alcatraz API, which provides a mechanism for integrators and end users to add enhanced custom functionality.

Alcatraz AI is reinventing the way you enter secure spaces using your face as an identifier. Alcatraz AI’s cutting-edge product, The Rock, transforms access control by leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics to make powerful decisions at the edge. With features such as contactless or multi-factor authentication, tailgating intelligence and video at the door, the Rock makes physical security strategies for businesses sustainable.

Alcatraz Platform V2 will provide streamlined installation over customer supplied infrastructure and streamlined system upgrades and troubleshooting tools, enhancing the user experience in all aspects of Rock installation and upgrade. Deploying Alcatraz Platform and the Rock does not require low-level software integration. However, the new platform enables deep software integrations to enterprise platforms such as the Tyco Software House C • CURE 9000 security and event management system from Johnson Controls. Alcatraz API provides flexibility to customers should they require a tighter integration between Alcatraz and their access control system.

Contact Alcatraz AI for a demonstration of the new Alcatraz V2 platform. For more information on Alcatraz AI Facial Autonomous Access Control Systems, please visit