With over four million digital property inspections to their credit, Little Hinges has now signed an agreement with PropTech Group Australia in a move that will see them join forces to help sales agents and property managers improve their marketing.

The partnership, which allows users to easily schedule virtual inspections directly from Vault RE and Eagle CRM, is the first step in a comprehensive roadmap designed to provide agents and property managers with cutting-edge information and reporting capabilities .

Luke Thomas, Commercial Director of PropTech Group Australia, said Little Hinges was the “obvious partner” to work with.

“Over 41% of sales listings are generated through our CRM platforms, and Little Hinges has seen over four million shoppers walk through their virtual doors in just over two years, across Australia,” it said. -he declares.

“Our partnership marks the merging of two of Australia’s most widely used tools to finally deliver never-before-seen insights designed to help agents and PMs reach buyers and tenants who cannot physically inspect and those who live between states and abroad.

“Sales agents and property managers using Vault CRM and Eagle will now be able to book a virtual tour directly from the CRM they already use daily.”

Little Hinges co-founder and chief marketing officer Mike York said that in today’s real estate market, agents are constantly looking for the best ways to maximize buyer competition.

“In just over two years in the market, we have clearly established that virtual inspections are not just a trend.

“They represent an evolution in real estate marketing that speaks to the growing trend for consumers to instantly access on-demand digital property, which savvy sales agents and property managers are already enabling.

“It was important for us to partner with another industry leader who saw the potential to bring insights to agents on a platform they already use every day.

“This is just the first step, with full integration of customer behavior data and in-depth analytics coming soon.

“We estimate to have helped nearly $3 billion in property transactions, and our partnership with Proptech Group Australia will open up virtual inspections to many more property agents and managers who want to step up their marketing with customer data and insights.

“With the introduction of rich vendor reporting, call-to-action integrations, instant offer capabilities, and the ability for agents and PMs to clearly demonstrate ROI, this partnership will provide support level up to agents to earn more listings and increase their rent.”

Mr Thomas said integrations were “more important than CRMs and virtual tours as individual tools”.

“This partnership and the integrations we are rolling out will give agents the ability to take their marketing to the next level, ultimately helping them win listings and increase their rental volume.”

The partnership was announced when Little Hinges revealed that it had facilitated over four million digital property inspections in the past 24 months.

Describing the increase in inspection volumes as a “clear trend in how Australians want to rent and buy property”, Little Hinges analyzed the number of inspections on their platform.

When paired with other trend reports that show 58% of Australian buyers want a hybrid approach to inspecting properties (Zoom Qualtrics, 2021), they note that the change in buying behavior is clear.

Mr York said four million potential buyers and tenants inspecting the property has all but demonstrated that Australians want to move beyond the traditional open house approach to a hybrid model.

“Being able to inspect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world, is important to enable interstate or foreign buyers and renters who cannot get to a physical inspection, and for busy locals who can’t do the Saturday morning inspection,” Mr York said. said.

“Agents and project managers can use a hybrid inspection approach to improve their existing processes, providing a great experience for buyers and tenants.

“While people will often want to visit a property in person, they also want to be able to inspect at a time that suits them and revisit a property as often as they need to help them get their best deal, sooner.

“While photos and video are great tools, a hybrid approach to property inspection allows buyers to do things like measure a property down to the millimeter, helping them assess how furniture looks. into the new home or allowing them to get renovation quotes before making their best offer,” he said.

“Buyers and tenants want to be able to inspect property in a way that suits them, and we continue to see a surge in agents and PMs wanting to combine virtual and physical inspections to open up their properties to the buyer. broadest potential base.

“Agents and PMs who can demonstrate to sellers that they are doing this are the ones who will end up winning more listings and increasing their rents.”

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