Bayshore Networks announced the expansion of its family of NetWall security gateways with the immediate release of NetWall 10GB USG – Unilateral Security Gateway.

NetWall 10BG USG for IT and OT is a high speed hardware and software solution that creates a secure network segment when installed, protecting and isolating critical assets and sensitive networks from cyber attacks and abuse.

The entire NetWall family supports real-time file and data replication outside the electronic perimeter to enterprise systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, PIM and others. NetWall can securely transfer control system data, log files, database records, and other relevant data to computer data centers, security operations centers (SOCs) and storage. cloud-based data.

“The highly cost-effective, real-world pragmatic solutions that Bayshore is launching are what our customers need and are looking for today. Bayshore’s expanding product line is now spread across our customers’ ICS / OT networks, allowing us to deploy a single vendor across multiple customer pain points. Bayshore’s price of $ 50,000 for a 10GB one-way security gateway is 75% cheaper than most competing solutions on the market today, ”said Enzo Tieghi, President of ServiTecno, Italy.

“With the release of NetWall 10 GB USG, we continue to add capabilities to our modular industrial controls cybersecurity product line. Our NetWall product family now consists of one-way and two-way security gateways. Our OTfuse family of Smart IPS PLC protection products starts at under $ 1,000, and our Secure Remote Access product family, OTaccess, is available in On Premise, Cloud, or VM formats. No company offers its channel partners the wide range of OT / ICS cybersecurity products under one roof like Bayshore does, ”said Kevin Senator, CEO of Bayshore Networks.

Bayshore One-Way Security Gateways are priced at $ 15,000, $ 20,000, $ 30,000, and $ 50,000 for 50MB, 100MB, 1GB, and 10GB units respectively.

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