Elon Musk says Twitter will start allowing users to monetize “all forms of content” as he begins to put his stamp on the social media site he just bought.

That’s according to a Tweet on Saturday (November 5), the day after Musk laid off something like half of the company’s staff following earlier departures of top executives.

Musk also tweeted that Twitter will “soon” allow users to add long texts to tweets rather than having them take screenshots, as is currently the case given Twitter’s 280-character limit. double the original limit. The short-form limitation was arguably Twitter’s biggest gimmick/competitive differentiator when it launched in 2006.

Musk called it the end of “notepad screenshot nonsense.”

Also: Groups increase pressure on Twitter advertisers

Musk has been very sorry for the job cuts and for his defense of free speech, which others see as an abdication of the powerful platform’s content moderation responsibilities and an invitation to hate and to misinformation.

Various civil society groups have called on advertisers to boycott the platform over concerns about hate speech and misinformation, including arguing that job cuts mean even less content moderation oversight. that would eliminate such talk. ■