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Google Cloud is one of many big companies getting more into supply chains and visibility with two new solutions, Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect. Visibility is a key trend in software for supply chains and manufacturing, and with Google’s investment, it could become much more sophisticated. The new products aim to merge areas that were traditionally siled in the past to create real-time plant visibility.

From PR Newswire:

  • Manufacturers are undertaking massive digital transformation due to rising customer expectations, supply chain volatility, changing buyer behavior and more. Yet only 21% of manufacturers have active AI initiatives in production to help address these issues. Although data from disparate systems can be manually prepared for AI and analytics pilots, siled datasets must still be centrally accessed in real time to support production scale. Additionally, many existing AI and analytics solutions are designed for use by data scientists and are not easy to use for manufacturing business leaders.
  • Manufacturing Data Engine is an end-to-end solution that processes, contextualizes, and stores factory data on Google Cloud’s market-leading data platform. It provides a configurable and customizable blueprint for ingesting, transforming, storing, and accessing factory data. It integrates major Google Cloud products including Cloud Dataflow, PubSub, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Looker, Vertex AI, Apigee, and more into a manufacturing-specific solution.
  • Manufacturing Connect is a factory edge platform co-developed with Litmus Automation that quickly connects and streams data from nearly any manufacturing asset and industrial system to Google Cloud, based on a comprehensive library of more of 250 machine protocols. Deep integration with the manufacturing data engine enables fast data entry into Google Cloud for machine and sensor data processing. The ability to deploy containerized applications and ML models at the edge enables new dimensions of use cases.

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