Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, on Tuesday discussed with Matthews Rigas, president of EnerGen International, his plans to develop and increase natural gas production in his Mediterranean fields in Egypt during the period to come.

The meeting saw a review and follow-up of the company’s ambitious plan operating in the Abu Qir, North Idku and North Amriya regions in the Mediterranean. Company aims to put gas discoveries in northern Idku and northern Amriya on the production map by connecting new wells to production facilities in Abu Qir, adding around 150 million cubic feet of gas natural per day.

It also revised its work plan to initiate new exploratory activities in its areas of work aimed at focusing on the deeper layers of those areas.

The Minister stressed the importance of the ministry’s continued cooperation and coordination with international companies operating in Egypt to accelerate the implementation of new projects in the field of increasing the production and reserves of petroleum resources and gas.

He explained that the ministry is constantly striving to implement supporting policies and procedures to motivate international companies to invest and implement ambitious plans in the field of the development of the discovered fields or the expansion of new research and exploration, with the aim of making new discoveries, especially in the deeper layers.

He said this represents new opportunities that require more advanced technologies and investments to make new discoveries. He stressed that the recent improvement and increase in international prices make the time opportune to increase the injection of investments by international companies in the oil and gas industry.

EnerGen has great potential and seeks to pump new investments to maximize the use of gas resources in the Mediterranean region, which is a major center for its operations, according to the statement.

Rigas stressed that he is paying great attention to investing in the production of natural gas in Egypt and cooperation with the Egyptian oil sector to accelerate the implementation of his ambitious plan to implement new development projects. of gas fields in the Mediterranean in the regions of North Idku and North Amriya, during which the integration will take place with the infrastructures of the production area of ​​Abu Qir. The company is also focused on the implementation of a plan for research and exploration in the deep layers using the latest technologies.