TEHRAN – Iran and Russia signed four cooperation documents in various fields at the end of the 16th meeting of the two countries’ Joint Economic Committee in Russia on Tuesday, Shana reported.

The strategic document for the development of bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation was signed by Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who co-chaired the meeting.

A loan memorandum of understanding was also signed between Iran’s Deputy Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Ali Fekri and Vladimir Ilyichev, Russia’s Deputy Economy Minister for signaling Incheh Borun-Garmsar railway project.

Meanwhile, a bilateral memorandum has also been signed by Mohammad-Hossein Niknam, Director General of International Cooperation at Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and Russian Deputy Health Minister Sergei Glagolov to cooperation in the field of health and medical education.

In addition, another memorandum of understanding was signed between an Iranian holding company and a Russian holding company for the implementation of EPC projects for product transfer pipelines.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, Oji said that the Iranian Petroleum Ministry, as the responsible organ of the Iran-Russia Joint Economic Committee, will not only take all necessary measures to expand the strategic cooperation between the two parties in the field of energy. sector, but it will also support cooperation between all Iranian and Russian ministries, organizations, institutions and enterprises.

He stressed the need to establish extensive banking cooperation between the two countries to create an appropriate and reliable payment mechanism to facilitate mutual trade and investment, as well as the exchange of energy carriers, in particular gas, crude oil and petroleum products.

The minister said expanding cooperation between Iran and Russia would render international sanctions against the two countries ineffective.

Oji also called for mutual acceptance of the two countries’ standard systems with the aim of developing trade and exchange of agricultural products, including the import of grain from Russia and the export of tropical agricultural products to Russia. .

Iran’s Oil Minister highlighted Iran’s and Russia’s capabilities in different fields and the sanctions targeting the two countries, expressing hope that the memorandums of understanding and agreements signed at the meeting will lead to an expansion positive economic relations between the two countries.

Stressing that all the agreements reached and discussed in the 16th Joint Economic Committee of Iran and Russia are in fact based on the topics agreed by the presidents of the two countries, he said: “The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum will use all its authority to follow up on the agreements reached at this meeting, as we believe that these agreements are a model for the solid structure of cooperation between the two countries.

The Minister pointed out that the holding of the 16th meeting of the Joint Economic Committee of the two countries will bring good results, saying, “In the future, the level of relations between the two countries will increase day by day, especially in the field economic”.


Pictured: Iranian Oil Minister Javad Oji (right) and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak exchange signed memorandum of understanding documents.