LAOLING, China, October 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong office of the Hong Kong Business Daily.

In October of the golden autumn, 300 thousand mu of golden jujube in Laoling city, Shandong Province, China ushered in the time of harvest. The jujube growers were busy pulling and picking dates during the agricultural season, and the joy of the harvest was everywhere. In recent years, Laoling jujube products have relied on technological innovation to achieve “selling by the gram and by the bottle”. The soft force with regional brands as the core and the hard force with deep processing as the label have been constantly improved, which has led 50,000 jujube farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Ziziphus jujuba is Laoling’s business card. It has been planted for over 3000 years. Local integration of all parties’ resources, adaptation to local conditions, scientific and technological guidance, not only do a good job of protection and management, but also stabilize the scale and improve the quality.

In recent years, relying on 300,000 mu of jujube forest, Laoling City has vigorously implemented the jujube rejuvenation project. Through the implementation of the “enterprise + cooperative + farmer” jujube planting model, efforts have been made to guide local jujube farmers to adopt technology innovation, business model innovation and product innovation. business model. Through deep processing, the jujube industry chain has been extended to improve the value-added of agricultural products, so that farmers can achieve more value-added benefits in technological innovation and the circulation of transformation. The local government also gives the jujube industry a cultural connotation by organizing the jujube exhibition and the golden jujube culture tourism festival, thus creating a new plateau for the development of the jujube industry integrating the plantation, the processing, sales and cultural tourism of golden jujube, giving full play to the advantages of resources, creating regional brands, and making the jujube industry bigger and stronger.

Data shows that Laoling has cultivated more than 120 jujube processing and e-commerce enterprises, more than 2,000 stores and WeChat enterprises, with an annual output value of 3.32 billion yuanthat has driven 50,000 jujube growers to increase their income and get richer.

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SOURCE LaoLing Municipal Government Information Office