Xbox games boss Phil Spencer comments on the current odds that Microsoft’s massive $68.7 billion takeover of Activision-Blizzard will be approved by global regulators.

Microsoft wants to buy Activision-Blizzard for almost 70 billion dollars and become the largest video game company in the world. This union of billion-dollar services with billion-dollar game franchises (Call of Duty, Overwatch) is a big, big deal that could transform the industry and help usher in a new wave of cross-platform gaming. service-based.

Naturally, this mega-deal caught the eye of global regulators. Due to the sheer size of the deal, world governments are scrutinizing both companies (as well as competitors like Sony) for possible monopolistic or anti-competitive practices. The FTC in the United States, CADE in Brazil, and other agencies collect information about Microsoft and Activision.

Apparently Xbox and Microsoft are happy with the deal. And why not? Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard shareholders approved the takeover almost unanimously. In a recent interview with BloombergXbox boss Phil Spencer commented briefly on the progress of the deal:

“I’m happy with the progress we’ve made, but I’m getting into the process by supporting people who may not be as close to the gaming industry by asking good and tough questions about ‘what is our intention? ? What does it mean “If you play it over five years, does it narrow a market? Does it increase a market?”

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Microsoft recently has complied with a second request procedure that gives the FTC required and requested documents.

The General Authority for Competition (GAC) of Saudi Arabia has also issued an official decision of NO OBJECTION to the takeoverthus becoming the first government to officially allow the agreement to pass.