Using its NewsWorx software products, the company helps newspaper publishers update unsupported packaging machines and optimize operations.

Eastchester, NY – Miracom Computer Corp., the leading provider of post-press production controls and software for the newspaper industry, has launched a software upgrade service for newspaper production equipment to helping newspaper publishers upgrade and optimize their operations. Using its suite of integrated and affordable software and control systems, called NewsWorx, Miracom specializes in retrofitting older, unsupported newspaper wrapping machines with updated and repairable control software essential for the production of modern newspapers.

Founded in 1995, the company has deep roots in the newspaper industry where efficiency is critical. For this highly time-driven industry, Miracom provides tools to gather data on equipment efficiency and other crucial aspects of production, providing opportunities to streamline operations and reduce avoidable slowdowns or other costly disruptions. The company’s modular, stand-alone solutions can be implemented separately or combined into a single seamless system to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, monitor remote sites and minimize human error.

Miracom’s NewsWorx solutions save news organizations money while improving efficiencies in post-press planning, production and distribution. The products that make up Miracom’s NewsWorx solutions are:

MiraSERT: A proven, state-of-the-art PC-based inserter control system used in hundreds of installations. MiraSERT uses web-based monitoring and has the ability to process and deliver sophisticated insertion packages with demographic capabilities.

MiraLABEL: The MiraLABEL inkjet control system improves productivity and reduces costs in addressing and labeling applications by printing directly onto papers or packages as an inline operation. Imports address files, then formats and prints labels that can include postal barcodes and/or indicia.

MiraPACKAGE: An insert planning and inventory system designed to meet the demanding needs of newspaper production facilities. Offers control of insertion orders, mailing distribution and integration, inventory and production schedule insertion.

MiraSTORE: An insert tracking and inventory system that reduces waste and creates accountability through barcode inventory tracking. Designed to provide better inventory control to better track inserts from initial ordering, receiving, warehousing and inserting.

“Our deep expertise and unique capabilities in retrofitting obsolete newspaper printing machines with our modern, usable control software is a valuable service for newspaper publishers who rely on high-performance production lines,” said said Judah Holstein, president and founder of Miracom. “Frequently, it can be difficult to find after-sales service for obsolete machines, and the alternative of buying a replacement machine is an unsustainable cost. Our ability to integrate software solutions into older machines is an ideal solution to streamline operations and avoid costly downtime.

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