Imagine Marketing, parent company of Indian headphone brand boAt, will acquire Singapore-based KaHa Pte Limited, an end-to-end smart IoT product development company, to grow its smart and holistic wearable wellness ecosystem.

Acquisition will allow Imagine Marketing to increase its wearable product offerings in terms of concept, design, electronic firmware, algorithm development, Android/iOS apps, new feature integration, engagement social and analytical, and lead the way in creating a dynamic ecological environment. system for the Indian consumer.

Samir Mehta

“With the rise of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, we are seeing greater consumer awareness and adoption of digital connected devices that allow consumers to better track their habits and adopt lifestyles. Our acquisition of KaHa Pte, a next-generation platform known for developing smart wearables in the holistic wellness space captures all aspects including vitals, fitness, health social and mental,” said Sameer Mehta, co-founder and chief product officer, Imagine Marketing.

He added, “By leveraging the capabilities of KaHa, we will be able to create a powerful ecosystem of smart wearables with powerful features at affordable prices that truly benefit consumers.”

India’s wearables market is estimated at over US$1 billion, growing around 100% year-on-year, with positive headwinds and attractive market characteristics. In a year since entering the category, boAt has amassed over 20% market share in India through the launch of several high quality disruptive products at affordable prices. Imagine Marketing aims to participate in a broader lifestyle-driven game in India’s wearable ecosystem, driven by consumers’ growing health awareness and need for convenience.

Imagine Marketing focused on R&D through boAt Labs with a dedicated team of over 25 members with expertise in audio and wearable devices. The company’s deep understanding of the consumer and category landscape, combined with KaHa Pte Limited’s strong expertise in IoT, will help create smart products focused on holistic wellness that improve the quality of life of people. consumers.

Pawan Gandhi

“Our DNA lies in developing cutting-edge products and creating smart IoT products that solve consumer problems,” said Pawan Gandhi, CEO and Co-Founder of KaHa Pte Ltd. “We look forward to working with the boAt team to make wearable technology a rewarding experience and a life-changing part of the consumer’s daily life and building a vibrant wearable ecosystem.”

Founded in 2015, KaHa has product development capabilities in the IoT space and has a technology-driven platform for wearable devices through patented AI and ML capabilities, intelligent wearable solutions from end-to-end (hardware and software) and intelligent data-driven IoT platforms, providing solutions and analytics for multiple use cases.

It operates in Singapore, India and China. KaHa Pte Limited, with over 30 patents and over 90 dedicated and experienced engineers.