/EIN News/ — New York, NY, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “NHI NASH HOLDINGS INC” (NHI) New York-based parent company launched “NASH GOLD LLC” and “NASH GOLD” (NGC) coins, a future-value digital coin and merged with Geoffrey Williams of “Daltok GP Capital, LLC” with the expansion of “Daltok-Nash co-GP Fund”. The fund’s risk strategies must be approved by the US Federal Reserve Board, as required. Have several positive disturbances that are unique and will have optimistic impacts. See on: www.nashholdingsinc.com and www.nashcoins.net

About NASH GOLD, LLC and NASH GOLD Digital Coin ICO: Nash Gold LLC is managing our digital coin. Nash Gold LLC is a subsidiary of NHI Nash Holdings, Inc., the parent company.

NHI has crafted an incredible multi-pronged digital currency strategic plan. Provide for a revolutionary blockchain digital economy and a unique and distinct ICO (initial coin offering). Digital coins are simply branded as Nash Gold Coins (NGC) and “Nash Gold Stable Coins” (NGSC). Tap into the 2.1 quadrillion technology market of the Global Token Exchange, with NGC Anticipation, an offering exclusively designed for the convenience and participation of global users. Create an unshakeable multi-force that will positively impact the financial world.

NGC and the co-GP Fund create many “positive disturbances” with the spirit of the ICO algorithm and the mining profit formulas based on the Austrian economy in strict adherence to methodological individualism. Prior to listing NGC on trusted exchanges, the company offers a direct rebate option via operational ownership agreements starting at one cent/penny for up to 250 million NGC in the first tranche. These NGCs can be transferred to public market exchanges or remain in the NGC Back Force Mind & Mining profit plan with three other options to increase in value and can then be transferred to trusted public market exchanges if one chooses .

NGC coin owners will transact, earn, and participate in the vast trust pool of the growing tokenization economy. By utilizing NHI’s IT team, NGCs will provide the user with infallible tools for their success in investing in NGCs. Navigating the “Global ICO Exchange Market”, NGC is certain that the user will change their intended financial destiny through the long-planned ownership of NGC. Both NGC and NGSC are the product of years of research with finance and cryptoeconomics specialists at NHI. See on www.nashcoins.net

Benefiting from proprietary trusted blockchain technology, all NGC and NGSC transactions will be settled and processed in its secondary layer and unique super-fast network across the upcoming NHI international banking network. Further compliance by the US Fed with its launch of www.iso20022.org this year added tough regulations to help global citizens a level playing field for digital assets and stand up against BAD ACTORS who get away with crypto scams for too long. We fully support the US FED, US SEC, SWIFT.com, central banks, etc. With NHI plans for assessment, utilities, management and a new IT department, exposing NGC owners to the anticipated benefits. This is why NHI is in workhorse mode and the NHI team is a force. NGC includes an International Affiliate Plan for Affiliates around the world who want to join and succeed with NHI, earning NGC Rewards and other bonuses.
By developing a designated trust blockchain and market disruptor archetype, our planned NGSC will become a seigniorage stablecoin. Backed by the toughest dualistic asset portfolio in its first layer that earns its value subjectively by the community of its users and their fair perception of value, using market information in each location to access the value of the portfolio value of reliable money bilateral assets pegged to, rather than pure inflationary speculation-dysfunctions of profiteers-aggressors and BAD ACTORS. NHI supports all governments that help protect the assets of its citizens through the US FED ISO20022.

NHI recently merged with one of Wall Street’s top institutional funds, “Daltok-Nash co-GP Fund” with required US FED approvals for its synthetic risk transfer strategies as planned. Create positive disruption like no other fund in the high-level institutional sector. Another positive disruption allows small and large investors to join the fund as a co-GP Partner, through Nash GP Capital LLC. NHI plans to transfer some of our future NGC and NGSC assets to increase our stake in the co-GP Daltok-Nash fund and the upcoming co-GP fund Nash Gold LLC co-GP Fund Q4 2022. Administration of our co-GP side funds are internal as well as the management of a fund of funds. All assets must be held with one of the top 10 US institutional banks for US FED compliant custodial purposes, NHI uses Morgan Stanley Investment Bank for this purpose. All assets are transparent to the US Fed via our back office. NHI Funds will show all business owners how they can increase their income with the highest quality institutional fund industry structured private equity fund plans.

By holding the fund together as a group, our co-GP partners can expect to share significant returns on the fund’s structural fees projected at 5X to 10X ROI in a 5-year lock-in with quarterly distributions and renewals 5 years old. NGC owners can also access co-GP funds, which is another positive disruption to the NHI and brings additional future value to the NGC digital coin.

About NASH HOLDINGS INC ( INSA ):At NHI, the company pursues a serious vision to make the world a better place to live and work. NHI is planning a new worldwide gold investment program with the Indonesian royals with plans launching in spring 2022 and could also become another digital coin. In the past, NHI was one of the first companies in the country to file with the US Congressional JOBS ACT with the US SEC, but expired and withdrew its filing in 2022. NHI is a former member firm Gold featured from 2012 to 2015 with Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) and Commit!Forum, events, with Fortune 500 CEOs held in recent years at NYSE EURONEXT and NASDAQ, including “Closing Ceremonies” on the floor. NHI is registered with START-UP in New York State with NY JOBS NOW. NHI opposes crime, bad actors, discrimination in all its forms, and has a respected reputation and track record of helping condemn bad actors.

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