[ESPN] – Real Madrid are furious with UEFA for their ‘shameful’ handling of the Champions League round of 16 draw, sources told ESPN, with the club accusing European football governing body of ‘lying’ on the issues that led to the repetition of the process.

Madrid were initially paired with Benfica on Monday before the first draw was called off after errors were detected in the way potential opponents were selected for other LaLiga Villarreal and Atletico Madrid sides.

“It’s a lie that it was a software error,” a club source told ESPN. “It’s human error, starting with the second pairing. Our pairing [Real Madrid-Benfica] was legal. “

So today we had the draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Rather important ! And hey, look what we originally got:

Ronaldo versus Messi. This is how you get numbers. Except, oh, just a little problem. (h / t CBS)

What didn’t go well?

PSG and United were reunited, but the Red Devils were first called on to face opponents in the Villarreal group (who were ineligible having previously faced each other in the group stage) before being replaced by their Manchester City rivals who now have Sporting CP.

Paris Saint-Germain will face Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League in the last 16 after the draw was redone due to an earlier mistake. After mistakenly shooting Manchester United against the other survivors of the Villarreal squad in the first draw (and failing to replace United when the original error was corrected), UEFA opted to redo the entire draw , despite the fact that Real initially shot SL Benfica.

How… .how does it happen? We are talking about the biggest club football event in the world. We’re talking about something simple of putting certain teams in certain groups and just drawing names. It’s something a 16 year old could do. I could even be a little nice there, pretty sure I could figure that out at 8. You can’t play a team from your group, group winners draw finalists. Pretty basic here.

But what about Real Madrid? Just call the UEFA liars. It’s not really a dirty secret that people think UEFA and FIFA are corrupt and are doing bullshit like that. It just doesn’t make sense. You have to either cheat or be stupid to screw it up, so which one is it? It would be as if the NCAA tournament did not follow its rules. Imagine the freak out but multiply it by a million because European football fans are completely crazy. That’s even before adding the fact that UEFA beat Real Madrid with all this Super League stuff. (h / t ESPN)

But Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are refusing to give up the largely closed breakaway competition to launch a Champions League rival, extending the rift with UEFA and their European counterparts.

Despite the lack of support from their larger European counterparts, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still pursuing legal actions to challenge what they have called “UEFA’s monopoly position on European football”.

Hey, I can’t blame Real Madrid. I don’t care if there was a mistake, I would be pissed off if all of a sudden I had to play for PSG. The only European footballer.

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