INDIA: Union Home Minister Amit Shah discussed the attacks on minorities and temples in Bangladesh on the second day of the bilateral session.

Amit Shah expressed his concern to his counterpart in the neighboring country, Asaduzzaman Khan. On the sidelines of the ‘No money for terrorism’ conference in Delhi, the two prominent leaders discussed security-related topics.

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The official Union Home Secretary team took to their Twitter account and wrote: “Union Home Minister @AmitShah met HE Asaduzzaman Khan, Home Minister of Bangladesh, on the sidelines of the ‘No Money for Terror’ conference. The two sides had productive exchanges on border management and common security issues.

The whole program is organized by the Ministry of Interior to bring all countries together and share their thoughts to reduce the ongoing terrorism. More than 450 foreign delegates from more than 75 countries and international organizations marked their presence at the grand affair.

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According to officials, Pakistan and Afghanistan did not participate in the program, while China was invited, but they were absent. Amit Shah also met with Ethiopian Minister of Peace Binalf Andualem, with whom he discussed potential solutions to unify regional issues of common concern.

Union Home Minister Shah also mentioned the importance of banning the collection of cryptocurrency, which functioned as an illegal measure to transfer money to terrorist organizations.

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He added further, saying, “We perceive that the financing of terrorism is more destructive than terrorism itself because it promotes the ‘means and tactics’ of terrorism. The financing of terrorism harms the economies of countries.

Amit Shah highlighted his remarks during his address at the ongoing conference. He talked about the importance of the fight against terrorism. He went on to say, “We have observed that some nations harbor and defend terrorists. Protecting a terrorist is tantamount to promoting terrorism. It will be our commitment as a group to ensure that these forces never achieve their objectives.

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