You can relive the 1980s event HERE.

“The power of nostalgia is undeniable and since the first prime time special we wanted to transport audiences back in time to create a full 80s experience,” said Dan Sanborn, Head of Marketing at Kimmelot and President of partner company Wheelhouse Labs. “From show, to content, to brands, we wanted to make our audience smile. People remember things that make them laugh and through this partnership we were able to create branded entertainment that put our favorite rad, in the spotlight, absurd and funny memorabilia from beloved 80s pop culture. ”

“Live in front of a studio audience” integrations have provided brands with an innovative way to reach audiences with fun and nostalgic content during a live performance experience. These integrations can be revisited when streaming “Live to Studio Audiences:” The Facts of Life “and” Diff’rent Strokes “” on Hulu starting today, December 8.

“At Maximum Effort we love to play with and create culture and we are pretty sure that culture peaked in the 1980s,” said Georges dewey, President of Maximum Effort. “It was a simpler time when we were talking about nuclear annihilation and not knowing where our children were. 10 p.m.. The opportunity to use the Marketing Synth at Jimmy Kimmel’s’ 80s party was something we just couldn’t ‘say no’ to.

Bree LeMasters, Executive Director, Entertainment Brand Solutions, Disney Advertising Sales added, “At Disney, we create unparalleled and unique storytelling experiences. By working alongside the best partners like Jimmy kimmel and Kimmelot and Ryan reynolds and Maximum Effort to develop innovative content for “Live in Face of a Studio Audience” was an experience that is sure to delight our viewers.

The three big brands involved – Kraft Heinz, Jack in the Box and Aviation American Gin – were the first to launch a new way to integrate their products into this eventful special.

When asked if they were excited about the opportunity, Kraft Heinz rep ‘The Kool-Aid Man’ commented “Oh Yeah!” Sanjiv Gajiwala, US Growth Director at Kraft Heinz added, “At Kraft Heinz, we strive to create content that not only recognizes culture, but also contributes to it in ways consumers love. Jimmy kimmel and the Maximum Effort teams have a long history of developing content that resonates across multiple platforms and with diverse audiences in meaningful ways – we’re thrilled to be a part of it. “

Jack in the Box Marketing Manager Ryan ostrom commented, “Our mission is always to showcase the humor and comedic spirit of Jack in the Box in all aspects of our advertising, so in partnership with Ryan reynolds and its challenger brand, Maximum Effort, to create a comedic, witty and nostalgic integration was a given. Jack in the Box has been around for 70 years and is nostalgic for many. We hope this integration will give our fans who thrived in the ’80s a chance to look back on their nighttime journeys to Jack in the Box and discuss when epaulettes were cool. ”

“Aviation might not have existed in the 1980s, but we’re pretty sure the taste is timeless,” said Andrew T. Chrisomalis, CEO of Davos Brands, “We got used to the unorthodox approaches of Ryan and the Maximum Effort team and that this 1980s video being our first network TV integration makes perfect sense and we couldn’t be. happier.”

About Kimmelot
Created in 2018, KIMMELOT serves as that of Jimmy Kimmel creative laboratory, developing and producing television, digital platforms, mobile applications and products. KIMMELOT is a collaboration with Brent Montgomery, CEO of Wheelhouse Entertainment. Scott Lonker, formerly of CAA, is president of KIMMELOT.

KIMMELOT recently produced the 1986 New York Mets ESPN documentary “Once Upon a Time in Queens” and two seasons of Crank Yankers for Comedy Central with ITV. In addition, they produced Emmy-winning “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: All in The Family and The Jeffersons”, with Norman Lear for ABC, followed by another Emmy-winning “Live In Front of a Studio Audience: All Family and The Good Times” and is involved in a variety of projects too explosive to share.

About maximum effort
Maximum Effort creates movies, TV series, content, commercials and cocktails for the personal entertainment of Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. We occasionally broadcast them to the general public.

About the wheelhouse
Launched in 2018 by an entrepreneur Brent Montgomery, in partnership with Jimmy kimmel, Wheelhouse is a multi-vertical media, marketing and investment platform where content, celebrities, brands and capital come together to accelerate programming and business opportunities across all platforms. Wheelhouse encompasses Wheelhouse Entertainment; the Digital First and Influence Division Wheelhouse DNA; Wheelhouse Labs brand marketing and creative innovation division; Wheelhouse 360 ​​investment arm; and a real estate operation which includes the “Wheelhouses” – private social places in new York, Los Angeles and Stamford, Connecticut – as well as the indoor / outdoor multi-acre campus “The Village” at Stamford, Connecticut.

Integration credits
Ideation and creative concepts by Maximum Effort and Kimmelot
Produced by Truly Original
Carried out by Maximum Effort Bryan rowland

SOURCE Kimmelot & Wheelhouse Labs