‘Surprises in store’ as Riyadh season gears up for October 21 launch

JEDDAH: The third edition of the Riyadh season will kick off in less than 10 days with an international Cirque du Soleil show, the Saudi General Entertainment Authority has announced.

GEA last month announced a new logo for this year’s expanded Riyadh season, along with a new tagline, “Beyond Imagination”.

The announcement was made by GEA President Turki Al-Sheikh, who said the 2022 event will feature new areas and events, including some surprises.

The slogan for Riyadh’s inaugural season in 2019 was “Imagine”, while last year’s second edition was held under the banner “Imagine More”.

Speaking from atop a building in the Saudi capital, Al-Sheikh announced Riyadh’s season start day in a promotional video outlining the new season’s programs and activities.

He said the new season will consist of 15 zones, each characterized by a particular character of entertainment, the most important of which is the “Boulevard World” zone, which will showcase the cultures of different countries.

“Imagine that you are America, France, Greece, India, China, Spain, Japan, Morocco, Mexico and Italy all at the same time. We will bring everything to these countries, their markets, restaurants and arts,” Al-Sheikh said.

Addressing the audience, he added: “You will also board boats and submarines for the first time in Riyadh’s largest man-made lake in the world. All of these activities will take place in the new entertainment city that we have called “BLVD World”.

The GEA President added that 25 Arab and international theatrical performances have been added to the activities of this season.

Sporting events will include WWE and the Riyadh Season Cup, which features Paris Saint-Germain footballers and national stars from the two Saudi teams, Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr.

The season will include international Cirque du Soleil shows and fireworks spread over 65 days.

Last year, the season entertained visitors with 7,500 various events, including 70 Arabic concerts, six world concerts, 10 world exhibitions, 350 theatrical performances, 18 Arabic plays and six world plays.

Riyadh Season has become the go-to entertainment destination for families, friends and international tourists in the Saudi capital.