Twitter Inc (NASDAQ: TWTR) saw its shares jump 20% on Friday. After reports suggested the social network was being monitored by Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and, inc. (NYSE: CRM), traders hit the buy button. It is reported that social media will soon receive an official offer from an array of tech and media companies. Is the Twitter brand still strong enough?

Twitter Inc targeted by Google, Salesforce

Twitter could soon have different owners. The tech company is in discusses a possible sale with several companies. This comes both as good news and a relief for struggling social media.

The potential list of suitors mainly includes Google and Salesforce. Other reports had listed Verizon as a potential buyer, but it quickly refuted the rumors, noting that it had not submitted an offer. The firm will soon publish the list of people interested in acquiring the company.

Twitter is reportedly working with Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co to work on the deal.

Experts are intrigued by Salesforce’s decision to bid for the company. It has been described as “unexpected” because it has no imprint in the mainstream media. Some believe the artificial intelligence (AI) platform could be linked to his apparent interest in Twitter. The AI ​​platform uses tweets to highlight how brands are viewed by the general public.

As far as Google is concerned, some think this is a more logical path. The search engine failed to make Google+ a dominant force in social media. This way he can integrate his search engine with social media without launching a new brand.

Earlier this month, Twitter’s board met in San Francisco to discuss a potential sale. Twitter is on a downward spiral. Last year around this time, Twitter has cut its workforce by eight percent. Although the board thought CEO Jack Dorsey could rejuvenate the company, it has not been able to expand its user base. Despite the various changes, the growth of the platform has remained the same.

The estimated market value of the acquisition is between $ 14 billion and $ 16 billion.

Buyers have a lot to gain from Twitter Inc.

Some financial experts argue that Twitter’s market value is not worth it. Others say any potential buyer would gain a lot from the deal, especially the data treasure in the Twitter arena.

With 500 million users, that’s a lot of personal data. In addition, there is a huge amount of data related to tweets, followers and connections. This is data that advertisers and marketing departments would like to have. Since Salesforce couldn’t pull off LinkedIn Corp (NYSE: LNKD), Twitter might be the next best thing.

Here’s what chief digital evangelist Vala Afshar tweeted on Friday:

Whether it’s Google or Salesforce, anyone who buys Twitter will have a long list of things to do in the near future.

Twitter is known for its users who use the platform to complain about something that offends them or to capture 140 characters from the US presidential election. But the firm tries to expand his identity. He wants to be a content-rich outlet, which is why he has entered into a agreement with NFL to broadcast live football games.

It will be up to the new owners if they want to continue down this path. There is not enough data to suggest that this new initiative is working or increasing its users.

“The company aspired to be something it could never be – that is, it wanted to be a ubiquitous utility that everyone used daily or more frequently,” said Brian Wieser, analyst at Pivotal Research Group. Bloomberg. “The problem was, it was assumed that everyone wanted what they were offering – and that’s the mistake they made.”

Twitter reported losses of $ 106 million in the second quarter. Twitter actions have calmed down since before the weekend. It’s up a lukewarm one percent to just under $ 23.

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