It was reported last night that Apple and Alphabet’s Google are now facing a new investigation into anti-competitive practices in Mexico after the country’s former telecoms chief filed a complaint.

The complaint was filed with Mexico’s telecommunications regulator, the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) yesterday by Mony de Swaan Addati, who once led the former telecommunications federation which was later replaced by the IFT. He is now an independent consultant for telecommunications, health-PhRMA and public affairs in Mexico City according to his LinkedIn profile.

Its complaint accuses Apple and Google of “completely inhibiting competition” by “taking advantage of their monopoly in app stores to tie the use of their own payment processing systems to in-app purchases.”

In his online statement, de Swaan Addati said Google’s Play Store and Apple’s store were charging a 15-20% commission, forcing price inflation.

“I have full confidence that (IFT) will investigate and exercise its powers – in accordance with international best practice – so that these companies stop abusing their market power to the detriment of developers and consumers,” he said. he declares.

Apple is under scrutiny elsewhere on the continent, with Brazilian regulators banning the sale of chargerless iPhones earlier this week. For more, read the full Reuters report.

America Economy added that “De Swaan charged that this complaint also contemplates that tech companies keep buyers’ sensitive informationin addition to not allowing app developers to advertise or offer other payment alternatives, which allows them to consolidate their dominance in this market and other markets in which they participate.

The tied selling referred to in the complaint is a type of relative monopoly practice by which an economic agent conditions the sale of one product on the purchase of another. In this case, the technology companies condition the sales of the applications or within the applications that they offer in their stores to the use of their own payment systems.

De Swaan’s complaint against Google and Apple is the first of its kind in Mexico.”

Considering that Swaan Addati’s Mony is now an independent consultant with his LinkedIn profile indicating that he offers political consulting, public relations, business consulting and legal advice – you have to wonder who is behind his complaint against Apple? and Google? Is it Epic Games, Facebook or other entities that are behind other antitrust cases around the world? Only time will tell.

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