The crisis has created such a situation for asylum seekers at the border that wherever they go they face persecution.

If they turn around to return to Minsk, not only do they have to pass through dense forests and survive extremely harsh weather conditions, but they will most likely be detained and beaten by Belarusian officers (as many migrants have described during interviews with the BBC and Reuters), or they will be forced to turn back to Poland.

If they stay where they are, on the Polish border, in the face of heavily guarded troops and barbed wire, they risk either dying in a clash or dying of cold and hunger.

And even if Poland welcomes them, they will most likely be held in detention centers.

A BBC An October report detailed how more than 10,000 migrants were held in detention centers in the Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – as well as in Poland and Germany, in what has been described as an experiment. barbaric.

The only solution to the crisis seems to depend on Lukashenko himself.

If he is not responsible for the chaos as his categorical denials suggest, then he must take back the refugees stranded at the Polish border, since they are from Belarus.

But if he does force an influx of refugees into the EU as suggested by Poland and others, then only he can put an end to this tragic episode of human suffering.

Europe’s last dictator, however, shows no intention or willingness to do so at the moment.

(With contributions from BBC, Reuters and Deutsche Welle)

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