Recently, I came across a relatively new browser (initially created in 2019), or rather a special version of the main Opera browser, called Opera GX.

It claims it’s a “browser for gamers” and while that’s clearly a bit of a stretch, it has plenty of features that gamers could benefit from. Not to mention that the interface alone strongly resembles anything you’ll find in Cyberpunk 2077.

From controlling the amount of given resource websites that can be used, to the built-in ad blocker, to its tight integrations with Discord, YouTube Music, and more directly through the browser interface, there are nearly endless ways for users to improve their experience with Opera GX. You can even customize browser backgrounds and music.

With such an array of options and enhancements, everyone, but especially gamers that Opera is clearly targeted, should give Opera GX a try. After all, if a strong supporter of MozillaFirefox like me can be impressed, then you might be as pleasantly surprised as I am.

GX Control

The Opera GX browser on a gaming PC

(Image credit: Opera)

One of the main features of Opera GX is the CPU, RAM, network limiters and hot tab killer which allow users to control how much of these resources the browser allocates, even allowing you to automatically close tabs individuals who monopolize too many of these values. . It’s a simple set of features that offers specialized control over your internet experience that you can’t even get from the best Google Chrome extensions, at least not easily.

Being able to impose this kind of limit on a browser is essential because it can quickly start consuming a surprising amount of your system’s resources. Opera GX has a soft and hard toggle option for the limiter, with the soft option meaning there is some wiggle room within your set limit while the hard edge means the tabs will be dropped as soon as you hit that limit defined.

This is something that players who have browsers open in the background that they could switch to for walkthroughs, guides, or any number of game-related topics can seriously benefit from by preventing the browser from having an impact on gaming performance. If you’re a gamer who’s discovered that keeping Google Chrome open in the background lowers your frame rates, Opera GX might be the solution you never thought you needed.

GX Cleaner

The Opera GX browser on a gaming PC

(Image credit: Opera)

Most browsers have options to be able to clean up caches, cookies and other “accumulations” that accumulate over time, but these tend to be buried deep in the options menus and are not particularly friendly. Opera GX, however, has the feature front and center in its sidebar, where the GX Control and social media integration also live.

You simply click the icon and then choose between three options, which control what should be purged, or customize it yourself, including the age of those junk files. It’s a great tool that makes cleaning up the browser a lot easier, especially since it can have a huge impact on how quickly your browser runs and how much memory it gobbles up.

Integrated AdBlock and VPN

Internet privacy has become more important in our lives as it becomes something more difficult to enforce. And while Opera GX runs on Chromium and is not the leading consumer browser for privacy (that would be Mozilla Firefox), it still offers a wide variety of tools that you can use to customize your privacy experience.

A VPN and AdBlock are built into the browser, which you can enable and disable through the sidebar menu, as well as customize which sites are exceptions for these tools. Try it, they both work quite well, blocking some of the biggest online trackers while allowing you to choose the region your IP address is registered to.

Of course, it’s not perfect, as VPN and AdBlock can interfere with websites as well as other GX features, but the fact that they’re fully integrated and – in VPN’s case – completely free is an absolute bargain.

You also have the option to download your own tools like uBlock Origins, as well as many other addons and extensions that protect your privacy. And while these options aren’t as robust as Firefox’s offerings, it’s still a good amount that allows you to better customize your experience.

The aforementioned sidebar has some pretty awesome integrations, such as instant access to tons of sites like Twitch, Discord, Twitter, various messaging apps, Instagram, and more.

There’s also a music player that works similarly and lets you play music from sites like YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud, Tidal, and Spotify right from the browser.

In all these cases, you can use these sites by watching, listening to or viewing their content while using the main browser. And none of these use extra tabs either, which frees up resources. As I write this, I use the YouTube Music player to listen to a video game music playlist while I type and it works perfectly.

Other cool features

The Opera GX browser on a gaming PC

(Image credit: Opera)

There are some other really nifty features that allow you to upscale Opera GX to your exact visual and audio specs.

For example, you can enable RGB lighting via Razer Chroma, Logitech G Lightsync RGB and Corsair iCue, plus tons of user-created backgrounds (including animated backgrounds!) to personalize your browser. You can also set sound effects for typing, as well as choose background music to play while you browse.

You can organize your tabs into groups or workspaces, which is especially handy for tabs that you may need to keep open and follow for the long term, such as for work or school assignments. There’s also Opera Flow, which syncs content between the Opera GX desktop browser and mobile versions. It’s basically an instant messenger that lets you share links, files, or texts between your PC and your phone.

Overall, Opera GX is a browser that hasn’t garnered much attention, but it’s probably the best web browser for gamers and a fantastic alternative to Google Chrome if you’re not quite ready. to ditch a Chromium-based browser for now.